New iOS app release – 3.1 (Blumoo Voice and Macro Improvements)

Hi All – We just released an update of our iOS app, 3.1(23), that has support for the Amazon Echo and a new macro creation process. We are excited that this is finally released and we look forward to continuing to get feedback from our customers. What is the new macro creation process: We implemented … Continue reading New iOS app release – 3.1 (Blumoo Voice and Macro Improvements)

Blumoo – Why we do things like we do

Hi All – Changing up the structure of our updates – instead of giving you a boring company update we are going to post valuable information to help you understand and optimize your Blumoo. Things that may not be clear: – Blumoo has two distinct functions – universal remote control and music streaming. We use … Continue reading Blumoo – Why we do things like we do

February 2016

Hi All, It’s been a busy month – we are currently awaiting final approval from Amazon for Echo Voice release. It’s been a lengthier process than anticipated as our skill is a bit more in-depth than what is typical with the standard approval process at Amazon…but that means it does some really cool stuff ;). … Continue reading February 2016

January 2016

Hi All, We are excited to announce that we will be adding support for Amazon Echo in late February. The Echo implementation will give you access to your buttons and TV guide using nothing more than your voice. This is going to completely change the way you currently control your entertainment. If you are interested … Continue reading January 2016

December 2015

Hi all, Another app update with the following additions: – Support for Apple Watch OS2 – Lots of small improvements to the app – Bug fixes We have some cool stuff coming in Q1 next year that we will be announcing shortly.

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