Blumoo – Why we do things like we do

Hi All –

Changing up the structure of our updates – instead of giving you a boring company update we are going to post valuable information to help you understand and optimize your Blumoo.

Things that may not be clear:

– Blumoo has two distinct functions – universal remote control and music streaming. We use two different Bluetooth protocols to achieve this. The universal remote connection is only handled in the app via the connection window (app will auto connect unless you want to switch HomeBases). The music streaming connection is the option titled “Blumoo Audio #XXXX” you see listed under your phone via Settings > Bluetooth.

– Why does my Blumoo disconnect when I leave the app? In order to make it easy for anyone in your house to pair and take control, we drop the Bluetooth connection when you leave the app or your device goes to sleep. This keeps you from having to remember to drop the connection when you go to sleep, go to another room etc. Why stay paired and pull battery power if you aren’t using Blumoo anyway?

– Why do you get a very basic remote control when you add a device? Well, it turns out that most of us use very few buttons on our normal remotes. We felt that is was easier to give you the buttons that are most commonly used and then allow you to add any other buttons you would like. This is a big differentiating factor from our competition. The alternative is to plop every button that exists onto your remote and let you start hunting. We are trying to give you a remote that not only you can use, but that anyone who comes to your house can use. Name the buttons so they make sense. Create the ideal remote control. We want you to have the freedom that a normal remote can’t offer.

– What do I do after I add my remotes? Here is the fun part, by using the edit icon (upper right) on any remote you can create activity (macro) buttons, add/delete buttons and more! Make your remotes match the needs of your family.

Blumoo takes on a lot of challenges, not only does it have to work on all Android and iOS devices but it must control all brands, types etc., in all home configurations. If you have any issues please contact us via so we can help you out.

Thanks for being a Blumoo customer, we appreciate it!

Blumoo Team