February 2016

Hi All,

It’s been a busy month – we are currently awaiting final approval from Amazon for Echo Voice release. It’s been a lengthier process than anticipated as our skill is a bit more in-depth than what is typical with the standard approval process at Amazon…but that means it does some really cool stuff ;). We’ve recently had several inquiries asking if voice will also work with just the Fire Stick and Fire TV Voice Remote control….drumroll please….YES! It will. That means you can basically turn your basic Amazon Fire TV remote into a full universal remote control via voice with Blumoo!

Again, we’re still allowing new beta testers for voice control – if you’re interested, shoot us a message at support@blumoo.com and let us know. You can beta test if you own a Blumoo along with an Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick (or all).

Thanks all!