New iOS app release – 3.1 (Blumoo Voice and Macro Improvements)

Hi All –

We just released an update of our iOS app, 3.1(23), that has support for the Amazon Echo and a new macro creation process. We are excited that this is finally released and we look forward to continuing to get feedback from our customers.

What is the new macro creation process:

We implemented a card style format that walks you through selecting the device, button function and time delay between commands. You can have an unlimited number of commands in a macro making endless possibilities for macro creation. We also added the ability for you to test each function as well as the entire macro. This makes the macro creation process faster and simpler – not sure what your input for the Apple TV is, you can now add an input and test it while making the macro! You can also specify a remote that it should go to after running the macro now. This means your Watch Apple TV macro can configure everything and then go to the Apple TV remote. Macros are incredibly valuable for simplifying your setup for the family and a necessity for voice commands.

What can I do with Blumoo Voice for iOS:

Make any button a voice command. You simply select a voice “phrase” in our app and then the button it should trigger. There are multiple ways to initiate a voice command when speaking to your Echo. This allows you to select a phrase that feels more natural to say. Here are examples:
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to PUSH _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to PRESS _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to TAP _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to HIT _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to TURN _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to TURN ON _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to TURN OFF _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to PLAY _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to WATCH _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to LISTEN _________”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to TRIGGER _________”

Change to any channel in the TV guide. This makes watching TV a hands-free experience. You have to use digits when specifying a channel to go to – this is because there is a variable for digits built-in to Alexa that makes it very reliable. Examples of ways to ask Blumoo:
“Alexa, tell Blumoo to WATCH ________ (ex. six hundred)”
“Alexa, tell Blumoo to WATCH channel ________ (ex. six hundred)”
“Alexa, tell Blumoo to GO TO ________ (ex. fifty)”
“Alexa, tell Blumoo to GO TO channel ________ (ex. fifty)”
“Alexa, tell Blumoo to CHANGE to ________ (ex. thirty)”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo to CHANGE to channel ________ (ex. thirty)”

Ask Blumoo to describe the show airing on a specific channel. She will then ask you if you would like to watch it allowing you to respond YES or NO. Examples of ways to ask Blumoo:
“Alexa, tell Blumoo to DESCRIBE ________ (ex. six hundred)”
“Alexa, tell Blumoo to DESCRIBE channel ________ (ex. six hundred)”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo WHAT the movie on channel ________ (ex. fifty) is”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo WHAT the show on channel ________ (ex. fifty) is”
“Alexa, ask Blumoo WHAT’S showing on channel ________ (ex. fifty)”

We would love to add more functionality in the future. We want to make sure that people enjoy this experience and find it valuable. There are lots of things we can do to add even more control via your voice.

We only support iOS with Blumoo voice today. We plan to add support for Android in the future, but we don’t have a time table for it at this time.

Thanks for being a Blumoo customer, we appreciate it!

Blumoo Team